About Opal Lei

I am the Second Life® alter-ego of a Renaissance woman living in the west coast of the US. She looks nothing like me or any of my many incarnations. But, like her, I have many varied interests and skills. And, like her real life friends, my SL friends are very diverse. They range from humans to elves to furries to cartoon characters, from different countries and cultures, young and young-at-heart, with very different interests and goals. Builders, scripters, artists, musicians, authors, machinimatographers, educators, entrepreneurs, fashionistas, roleplayers, escorts, explorers, and just plain regular folk, sharing and enjoying a world we all jointly and joyfully created and continue to create. SL resident since 2006 Aug 31.

I have several alts for different purposes, including the following:

  • Alt #2 - Treasure Box is the alt for dealing with real-life businesses and organizations and for selling scripted gadgets, but I have also used her to participate in Burning Life/Burn2 in the past.
  • Alt #3 - HiHo Silvera is a male alt used for testing products or for modeling either in photo shoots of my own products or in fashion shows.
  • Alt #7 - Treasure Shippe is the archiver and tester for Treasure Box.
  • Alt #12 and Alt #13 - MerBetta Nymphea and MerBetta Resident are bots that are used for modeling Mer Betta™ tails in-store, and possibly for other tasks in the future.
  • Alt #18 and Alt #19 - HeartGravel and LoveLikeDimSum are alts intended for marketing my book(s). LoveLikeDimSum is now a white cat, called "Dim Sum" and featured in a 365-project "Where's Dim Sum?"
  • Alt #20 - VirtuaSapient is named after my umbrella company.
  • Alt #25 - MsOLeiNY is a bot for my Ms.O.Lei-ny™ brand.
  • Alt #26 - CrossEyedBeauties is for what I might choose to do with my stereoscopy work.
  • Alt #29 - OpalLei4ISM was created exclusively for the International Spaceflight Museum (ISM).
  • Alt #39 - AvaHyr is the mascot for the directory of virtual world professionals: AvaHyr.com.

Here's a blog post that explains why Opal is no longer anonymous.