Virtual Photography

Where's Dim Sum? ™

It was a challenge for Fingol to help him find his passion in SL again. But I didn't want to just leave him alone at it, so it became more of a dare, but I wanted it to be more challenging for me, so I added a theme and it became more like "Where's Waldo?".

Cross-Eyed Beauties ™

I really don't remember how I stumbled on Sascha Becher's Flickr stream, but I was hooked after I saw this picture in 3D. Since then, I've been inspired by hundreds of stereoscopic photos created by many creative stereoscopic photographers.

Morphing Portraits ™

Morphing Portraits logo

portraits that morph between Second Life portraits and real life portraits, the human behind the avatar

This started when a member of the International Spaceflight Museum (ISM) planning group passed away in real life, and we were considering how to remember him. I created his morphing portrait, which is now part of his memorial at the dock at the NW corner of Spaceport Alpha.

We have since added a memorial for Paradox Olbers, former president of the ISM, in the same location.

No, the woman in the picture is not me. :)

For some of us, SL and RL are separate worlds. For others, SL is an extension of their RL. The rest fall somewhere in between.

But SL is about meeting people. And in meeting people, we create relationships -- romances, friendships, business connections. Even virtual relationships create emotions and attachments. And those emotions and attachments are as real as we are human. It is not our avatars that fall in love; it is not our avatars that get sentimental; it is not our avatars that grieve when loved ones in SL are gone. It is the human behind the avatar reaching out to the human behind another avatar. A soul touching another soul.

Lea Tesoro, "Love, Like Dim Sum"