International Spaceflight Museum

I was two weeks old. I had just built my glass house and was finishing the landscaping in my little 512 sqm virtual land, when my neighbor Kat Lemieux invited me over for a chat. Then she invited me on a tour of the International Spaceflight Museum. Then she invited me to attend one of their meetings. Then she invited me to join the planning group. I was there from September 2006 until February 2009. And back again from February 2012 to November 2015. Currently passive.

My biggest visible work there is designing and scripting the Spaceport Trivia Challenge, and building the bears, which were Troy McLuhan's original idea as a prize for the challenge. Pick up the rules for the Spaceport Trivia Challenge from the prize dispenser in front of the main giftshop.

I also designed the Bravo! Monument, which you'll find in the Spaceport Bravo sim. You can see the cursive 'b" on the grid map.

Finally (and most importantly), I proposed, implemented, and managed the Exhibit Sponsorship Program from inception until February 2009.

In November 2017, I co-created a digital photo book for the ISM. The text was written by Banker Tomorrow; the photographs and the layout were my work.

In January 2018, I joined the ISMuseum's Board of Directors by invitation but left soon after.