It took me a long while before I started learning machinimatography. I had joined a group as an actor but the group didn't last long. But I did do a few things on my own.

Cabaret du Crâne

Cabaret du Crâne (Cabaret of the Skull) was originally created as a surprise for a lover, who loved the short hair with bangs on an alt that is exclusive to him. He said it reminded him of the Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris. He is also very much into lingerie, particularly garters and stockings. And the skull has strong meaning for him. So, the first episode of this series is full of those symbols. Although he agreed to make it publicly available, the whole series is dedicated to him, and every episode was created for him.

The Cabaret du Crâne only exists in these machinimas. It does not exist in the real world (Google returned nothing) nor in any virtual world. The stage was built only for filming these machinimas. There are no live shows.

Product ads

In 2009, we had our one-on-one meetings with Jujudoll Dancer, the founder of MODA Fashion, and I asked how much it cost to put an ad on the shows, as I had seen ads added before the finale. Juju generously said I could put a 30-second ad for free. I was so excited. Then she gave me tips on what tools I would need, etc. I got additional advice from Rodion Resistance, who offered to do the ad for me, but I decided to do it myself so I could learn. I also read all I could about creating machinima on the web, including some vidtuts by Torley Linden. Then I talked to Capos Calderwood ( and asked if he would be willing to re-record one of his songs ("Spanish Fantasy") with words slightly changed. He agreed and "Mermaid Fantasy" was created. Capos gave me permission to use it exclusively and to sell up to 1000 licenses for the mp3.

The result was the first Mer Betta ad, which was included in several MODA episodes.

Now, I do ads for others as well, including ads for the MODA Modeling School and Inga Wind Clothing (see above).

Fashion shows

I have not particularly been prolific, but I had helped with taping and editing the MODA fashion shows. In May 2012, I also taught a two-session class on machinima for MODA Modeling School with focus on preparing models for filming and on how to film fashion shows as well.

Museum exhibits

I created a short series for the SL branch of the San Francisco-based Exploratorium Museum. The series is called Splo on the Go and highlights individual exhibits in the virtual museum.

Read an interview Pepto Diesel wrote for the Exploratorium blog.

Talk show

I also filmed and edited my own talk show.